The origins of Oemine

The Oemine line was designed in France in 1995 in response to doctors and pharmacists desire to offer natural vitamins that do not contain synthetic ingredients. Oemine is in compliance with the European regulations on GMOs and irradiation.

French dietary natural supplements

Vitamins are very fragile molecules and it is very important to preserve their natural environment because it protects them and helps them give us the best of them. Plant extracts of Oemine natural supplements are drawn from the heart of
nature. Besides vitamins, they contain other elements essential to human body such as: fatty acids, flavonoids, anthocyanins,
lecithins, etc.
Their manufacturing mode including new technologies focuses on preserving the quality of the active ingredients.

Quality charter

Oemine nutritional supplements are of natural origin without any synthetic ingredients or petrochemicals. They meet your daily nutritional requirements and are manufactured according to the standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Every ingredient is a complete plant or sea product concentrate. Oemine natural supplements complement your diet and compensate deficiencies.
They replace neither treatments nor medicines prescribed by your doctor.