OEMINE CHROMIUM DANDELION is beneficial for overweight caused by the diet too much rich in sugar.

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It’s a nutritional supplement intended to supply chromium combined with the plants that complement its beneficial effect on body.

Properties: Chromium balances carbohydrate metabolism. Quackgrass and dandelion are refreshing fluxes.

2 capsules three times a day before meals with a glass of water.

Composition of 6 capsules : Chromium 25 µg (62% of RDI).

Ingredients: dandelion, quackgrass, red vine, hydrolysate of rice proteins, chromium chloride, capsule of marine gelatin.

Oemine CHROMIUM DANDELION is guaranteed without colorant, preservative or any synthetic product added. Oemine CHROMIUM DANDELION is manufactured according to strict norms. Its dosage of vitamin corresponds to Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) and must be used according to the indicated dose. Oemine CHROMIUM DANDELION can’t substitute a balanced diet and must be kept out of reach of children.

Precautions: This nutritional supplement mustn’t be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding. It doesn’t substitute the diet or treatment of metabolism disorder (diabetes or hyperlipidemia).